Home Selling Obstacles

Home Selling Obstacles

Home Selling Obstacles

Your home has been lingering on the open market for months. Your neighbors’ home sold in weeks. You saw the moving vans. Why isn’t your home selling?

Well, your home could be stuck in real estate limbo for a variety of reasons, but there are several common culprits: You overpriced your home to begin with, your home isn’t in the best condition, you used a poor marketing strategy, you refuse to show your home, or you have a unique home.

You Overpriced Your Home

It’s a common mistake for new home sellers to overvalue their homes. After all, they have many priceless memories there. Unfortunately, by overpricing your home for the market, you miss that vital first rush of buyers and you run the risk of your home becoming a dead listing.

Even if you reduce the price at a later date the impression is that there is something wrong with your home and you run the risk of selling your home at an even lower price than if you priced it correctly in the first place.

So, avoid this mistake by approaching the pricing of your home dispassionately and listening to your agent.

Your Home Isn’t In the Best Condition

Today’s buyers are discerning. They want only the best for their real estate dollar. If your yard is overgrown and your furniture is covered in animal hair, your home may be immediately disqualified from consideration. It may not take a very large investment in time and money to bring your home to show quality. You can hire a quality landscaping company to up your curb appeal. You can hire a maid service – I’ve even seen them advertised on Groupon.com. – to do a deep cleaning that will be easy to maintain. Remember, a clean house sells.

You Used a Poor Marketing Strategy

The purpose of marketing your home is to reach the largest number of potential buyers in the shortest period of time. This means professional photographs, slick flyers and distribution across multiple sites. The days of sticking a sign in the front yard are long over. Your agent should be marketing your property aggressively.

You’re Not Showing Your Home Often Enough

Showing your home can be a pain. There are strangers walking through your home, and most prefer that you not be there while they look over your home. Fortunately, an agent will be there. As inconvenient as it might be, show your home as often as possible in order to sell it quickly.

Your Home Is…Unique

There was a time when the more interesting or unique a home was, the better. If you live in one of these homes, you might face a few extra obstacles when trying to sell your home. Don’t worry. There’s a buyer for every home. We might just need to be a little creative in our approach.

There will be obstacles when selling every home. Don’t let a few minor problems stop you from achieving your goal. Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and/or help you determine the value of your home.

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