How To Find The Right Neighborhood


Finding the perfect home is about more than just bedrooms, baths, walk-in closets and a formal dining room; the neighborhood is equally if not more important than all those things.

But how do you research a neighborhood if you don’t live nearby or have friends in the area?

Fortunately, it’s gotten much easier that it was in the past when word of mouth was the only option.

Start with an online search. Go to your preferred search engine and type in the name of the neighborhood. You will instantly see a list of reviews and perhaps even a neighborhood message board describing what the people that live there or have visited think about the area. Take these with a grain of salt, but they are a great way to get a “feel” for the area.

If you are considering buying a house in a neighborhood with which you are unfamiliar, talk to the neighbors after you view the house. Likely, they are out in the yard or walking down the sidewalk. Say, “Hello,” and ask them how they like the neighborhood and let them know you are considering moving close to them. People love to talk about their neighborhood, and you will likely get an honest, unbiased opinion of the neighborhood from those that live there that are not trying to sell you anything. A smile can go a long way.

It is normal and preferable to keep an arm’s length relationship with the sellers of a home. It helps during the negotiation process, but asking the sellers about the neighborhood is normally an acceptable question. Ask about commute times, good restaurants or how the schools are; most of the time, if they want to sell the home, they will be more than happy to answer.

Where you live is as important as what you live in; please, don’t forget to do your due diligence regarding neighborhood selection. It will cost you nothing and I am sure you will enjoy your home more if you are in a neighborhood that meets your needs rather than one that does not.

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