Make The Moving Process Easier

Make The Moving Process Easier

Make The Moving Process Easier

Moving, in theory, is a pretty straightforward process. You pack everything into boxes, put those boxes into a large truck and head off to your destination.

But if you’re one of the forty million Americans that pack up their homes and move each year, you probably don’t find it that effortless. That’s why you need an action plan to help you manage your belongings and your time.

Here are five things you should think about when preparing your move:

Pack Early, Pack Often

Inside most everyone’s residence are a bunch of things they want to keep, but don’t use very often. Stay ahead of your move by packing these things up and putting them aside in a spare room or the garage. It also helps to pack at least one box every day.

Labeling Made Easy

The basic labeling system for most people is a black permanent marker. But when you’re using recycled boxes, or feel you don’t have enough time to write everything on a box, you may need a different solution. Buy tape with different colors, or use multi-color Post-It Notes, to color code boxes on the fly. This makes it easier to match boxes with rooms.

You Almost Forgot

When we’re packing, we often forget places in the house we don’t often go, such as the garage, the attic, or that storage under the stairs. Don’t forget to start with those places first.

Garage Sales

The less you have to pack, the less you have to move. By holding a garage sale you can earn some extra money for other things like gas, food or a U-Haul.

Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes

Buying boxes and bubble wrap can very quickly get expensive. Luckily, there are free resources to help you get started.  Local stores often give them away, people share them on Craigslist, and if you’re environmentally conscious, you can use

The truth is that moving isn’t easy. But when you’re prepared for the transition your entire family will have one less stress, which is always a good thing.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to forward your mail!

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